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TDK InvenSense

November 2017

InvenSense is now part of TDK! Together with the TDK family of sensor companies, including TDK USA, TDK-Micronas, and EPCOS, we are excited to invite you to visit us at this year’s 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9th – January 12th, in Tech East, LVCC South Hall 3 #30325 (Click Here for map).

Our vision of a “World of Sensors” is coming to fruition and TDK’s sensor group companies are showcasing sensor technologies and platforms for mobile, wearable, automotive, IoT and industrial products. Come by and explore our great line up of motion, audio and location products, and services, that are leading the way for the future of Multi-Sensory Fusion!

InvenSense will have a very large booth this year, showcasing a large variety of solutions:

  • Pressure Sensor – Shhhh, it’s a secret, but we will be announcing a new product to enhance our pressure sensor line-up of products at CES! So, come by and find out why capacitive pressure sensors are a better solution than current pieoresistive sensor solutions currently out in the market today.
  • Automotive Sensors – Learn all about the multiple Automotive solutions which TDK, InvenSense, Micronas, and EPCOS have available! Learn why 6-axis sensor solutions are now requirements in Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Navigation, and ultimately Autonomous Driving! Find out how Embedded Motor Control is setting a focus onto the requirements for small motors in automotive actuators.
  • Bio-sensors – Discover multiple TDK wearable solutions! A wristband-type wearable biosensor capable of measuring and recording the amount of conversation/sleeping time/pulse/UV, and activity. A patch-type wearable biosensor measuring cardiac potential. A portable-type biosensor transmitting emergency call location information and a digital basal thermometer with communication functionality.
  • Microphones – Hear solutions using analog or digital, single element or beamforming arrays, all covered in the TDK-InvenSense portfolio and available through our partners, showcasing our microphone performance through turnkey solutions.
  • Development – Try out our recently released SmartMotion development platform. A new architecture apportioning our 6-axis, 7-axis and 9-axis sensors into development kits to accelerate the development of IoT solutions based on InvenSense motion sensors.
  • HMD – Experience InvenSense’s newest solution of AR/VR head-mount displays using the Google Daydream platform! We’ll show why basic sensor fusion algorithms, especially the predictive quaternion, are essential for fast and accurate rendering of the virtual reality world.
  • Industrial solutions – Play with TDK’s robotic arm demonstration using TMR angle sensors that are excellent in noise resistance and angular accuracy.
  • Navigation Solutions – Come and find the next-generation of indoor and outdoor location-centric services that will be created through the use of high-precision inertial positioning.
  • Imaging Solutions – Experience InvenSense’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) solution, providing for a stable, jitter-free video experience, for mobile, drone, and automotive products.
  • Drone Demonstration – Come and see our new 7-axis solution (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and a barometric pressure sensor) in a live drone cage demonstration!


InvenSense will have senior members from the TDK and InvenSense executive teams, and product and technical management available for any inquires. Please contact me immediately and we can schedule a meeting in one of our conference rooms and demonstrate to you our “World of Sensors” platforms at this year’s CES | 1/9-12/18 | Las Vegas, NV | South Hall 3 #30235 (Click Here for map).



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Read More:
EPC at APEC (Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition)
2015 Conference March 15-19 in Charlotte, NC








Come Visit Dawar Technologies @ SID 2014 - Booth 1525!





June 3rd - 5th
Click on the SID logo above for show

To Register
Use promo code &mP28Xf^ for a
complimentary pass to the exhibit hall.

Stop by booth 1525
for a chance to
win a
PCAP Evaluation Kit
Click here for the
 entry form and
details on how to
enter to win!


Dawar Technologies is proud to be exhibiting again this year at Display Week 2014.

With over 135 years of experience, the leaders of HMI Solutions bring you some exciting new products available for demo at this year’s show. 

Dawar Slim

Thinner, lighter and more cost-effective!
The new Slim-Touch Projected Capacitive touch screens are the perfect choice for a wide array of Medical, Industrial and
Instrumentation applications.
The new solution is fully customizable, offers the same product features as our current PCAP Glass/Glass offering and is available in four  new construction designs including:
· Acrylic/Film/Film
· Glass/Film/Film
· Glass/Film
· GG2 (Double Sided ITO Glass)

NEW! 3000 Series PCAP Electronics
Stop by our booth to demo the new 3000 series PCAP Electronics.  The new firmware solution is available in both Controller Board and Chip on Flex (COF) format and supports all of the following features:
· 10 Point Touch
· Palm Rejection
· Pencil Touch
· Gloved Touch
· Touch with Water

Expanded PCAP Product Portfolio!
Dawar has recently added four new standard products to their current PCAP product portfolio.  With over 40 standard SKUs currently available and full custom capabilities, Dawar is sure to have the right product available to meet your application requirements. 

· PCAP_15.6W-00001 - 15.6” PCAP touch screen (controller board solution).
· PCAPCOF_15.6W-00001 - 15.6” PCAP touch screen with Chip on Flex (COF) controller.
· PCAPCOF_07.0W-00CL1 - 7.0” PCAP touch screen with Chip on Flex (COF) controller and a 1.1mm Chemically Strengthened Glass Cover Lens with black border printing.
· PCAP_10.4-00CL1 - 10.4” PCAP touch screen (controller board solution) with a 1.1mm Chemically Strengthened Glass Cover Lens with black border printing.

1016 North Lincoln Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15233 | PH: 800.366.1904 | E:
















Las Vegas

  • January 7-10, 2014              Las Vegas Hilton Suite: East Tower 2BR #1569

Tianma would like to invite you to meet with us at CES in Las Vegas (January 7-10, 2014).
We’ll be located in Las Vegas Hilton Suite: East Tower 2BR #1569.

Tianma is a world leader in Passive/Monochrome as well as Active Matrix LCDs. Tianma Microelectronics now proudly celebrates two remarkable decades of its history. From the foundation in 1983, proactive pursuit of innovation and continuous product improvement enabled Tianma to maintain its un-rivaled position as a leading international supplier of Liquid Crystal Displays. Renown as the largest manufacturer of passive and monochrome LCD's of continental China, the company now occupies a territory of almost 1 million square feet (125K m2), of which 1.2 million ft2 is designated for the manufacturing space.

Tianma's long-term success is inexorably linked to the technical expertise of staff and technological advances developed by the R&D team. The company's displays meet specific challenges of operation without compromise under the most arduous field conditions. Tianma produces displays resistant to extreme temperatures from -50 to +90 C at low voltages. It offers a wide range of conventional and special Liquid Crystal Technologies, such as: TN, HTN, ETN, BMTN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN, NFSTN, DSTN, ESTN, ECB, FSLS, LFSL, Multi-Color TN, Color STN, and TFT.

For a meeting appointment please contact your Innovatech Sales Engineer or our office at We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,
Al Serpa, President
2 Republic Road
Billerica, MA 01862
978-667-1998 Office
978-667-1949 Fax

View Press Release (.pdf)








XMOS would like to invite you to meet with us at CES in Las Vegas (January 7-10, 2014). We’ll be demonstrating our latest solutions to help you deliver high quality, differentiated audio products, discussing our latest multicore microcontroller offerings, and looking ahead to our plans for 2014 and beyond.

XMOS: helping you to sound better
CES 2014 will be the first public demonstration of our Multi-Function Audio (MFA) Platform. Leveraging technology already in use at the heart of products from leading audiophile brands including Sony, the MFA reference platform makes it easy for you to quickly create great-sounding digital audio products. It includes a huge range of IP and connectivity options ‘out of the box’, including: USB Audio Class 2.0 functionality with audio sample rates of up to 384kHz and full 24-bit resolution; Direct Stream Digital; PC and Mac connectivity; and compatibility with current and legacy Apple products in device or host modes.

XMOS also continues its leadership position in the Ethernet AVB market. Visit us at CES for a demonstration of our AVB Daisy-Chain solution, which allows you to create products that don’t require a central switch, dramatically cutting the overall cost of AVB networking.

Demonstrations will showcase:
- The MFA reference platform that enables great-sounding products based on USB Audio
- AVB Daisy Chain for low-cost AVB networking
- XMOS xSOFTip components for rapid product development

XMOS will be at the Venetian Las Vegas, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

For a meeting appointment please contact your Innovatech Sales Engineer or our office at We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,
Al Serpa, President
2 Republic Road
Billerica, MA 01862
978-667-1998 Office


View Press Release (.pdf)





Exhibit Hours:

  • Tuesday, June 5:              10:30am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 6:       9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Thursday, June 7:             9:00am - 2:00pm















Interop 2011, May 8-12
Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Preview the future of Information Technology with AppliedMicro product demonstrations at Interop 2011.

 Free Expo Pass Extras to ITís Leading Event






Design Strategies for ARM systems
March - April 2011

The rapid diversification and proliferation of ARM technology is impacting designers of a wide array of products. As technology options increase, many designers are turning to channel partners like Avnet for technical solution recommendations that are unbiased and impartial and that address performance and functionality requirements specific to a project, end application or industry segment.

To address the needs of our customers, Avnet will host a global  series of technical trainings, representing a unique multi-manufacturer collaboration that features an entire ecosystem of providers showcasing the latest design solutions for ARM systems.


Irvine, CA

March 1

San Diego, CA

March 3

Chicago, IL

March 10

San Jose,  CA

March 15

Baltimore, MD

March 17

Boston, MA

March 22

Dallas, TX

March 24

Minneapolis, MN

March 31

Austin, TX

April 13

Toronto, ON

April 15

Vancouver, BC

April 26

Seating is limited so register today!





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