Innovatech Associates services every key market segment across New England.

Our portfolio enables our team to gain immediate access and exposure to next generation applications as a result of representing the most important building blocks involved in architectural definition.

A complete focus on innovative system solutions as opposed to “component/socket” alternatives has established Innovatech as a key partner throughout our design community and across our IoT, Automotive, Consumer, Embedded, Industrial, Medical, Military, Networking, Storage, and Telecom., segments.

Critcal Link

Critical Link  

  • System on Modules (SOMs) -  ARM, DSP, FPGA
  • Imaging Platforms – IMX6 based modules, Front and Back Illumination, Deep Depletion, Spectroscopy
  • Services – Board Design, Custom Imaging Design, Embedded System Design

Dawar Inc.


  • LCD User-Interface & Integration Technologies

Dialog Semiconductor


  • Power Management – PMICS, chargers, wireless charging, DC/DC converters, Automotive PMICS
  • Connectivity - BLE, Smart Home, Voice Over DECT
  • Audio – CODECs, Amplifiers, Wireless, USB
  • Lighting – Solid State, Backlighting
  • Sensors – Multi-Touch
  • Power Conversion – AC/DC Embedded, Power Adapters or Rapid Charge Solution, Home Appliances, Networking, Smart Meters

Energous Corporation


  • Wireless Charging (Near-Field is to be expected to be released by end of 2017)



  • GreenPAK – Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix Technology & Configurable Mixed-signal IC (CMIC)
    • Smaller PCB footprint – Packages as small as 1.0 x 1.2mm
    • Higher Reliability, Tested Solutions, Lower Power, & Design Security
  • GreenFET
    • 2.5 V – 5.5 V (GFET family)
      • Ultra-small package sizes 1 mm2 to 4 mm2
      • Ultra-low RDSON FET structures
      • High steady-state FET currents: 1A to 9A
      • Built-in system-level protection circuits
      • 125oC-Rated operation (selected part numbers)
    • 4.5 V – 24 V (HFET family)
      • Ultra-stable RDSON across wide input/supply range
      • 4.8 mm2
      • Low thermal resistance for high current operation
      • 125oC-Rated operation (selected part numbers)
      • Integrates high-performance nFET structures, charge pumps, multiple protection and control circuits

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation


  • Leading provider of GanFets power management technology
  • Applications they are involved with:
    • Wireless power
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • High Speed Mobile Comm
    • Low Cost Satellites
    • Medical Care
    • And Much More



  • SSD NANDrive (SATA, PATA, and eMMC)
  • NAND Controller
  • Flash Storage
  • Specialty Flash Memory (Many-Time Programmable, SSF and CSF)

Inventek Systems

Inventek Systems

  • WiFi Modules, Serial WiFi & Bluetooth Combo Modules
  • GPS Modules and Antennas
  • WiFi Antennas



  • Sensors - Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, Motion, MEMs Microphones, Pressure, Hall
  • Sound – Analog and Digital
  • Software and Firmware Solutions



  • Hall Switches
  • Linear Hall Sensors, Direct Angle Sensors, TMR Angle Sensors
  • Embedded Motor Controllers


Tianma merged with NEC

  • LCD Displays ranging from 1.8” - 21”
  • OLED Displays will be available in 2019
  • LTPS
  • Oxide TFT
  • SFT
  • Transflective
  • ColorXCell
  • PCAP Touch
  • TED In-Cell Touch
  • Monochrome



  • Voice and Audio Interfaces
    • Far-Field Voice Controllers and Microphone Solutions







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